Sitecore Named as a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

Sitecore wins with its consistent focus on WCM demands

Gartner has released its 2017 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management and once again Sitecore has been placed firmly in the “Leader” quadrant.  Furthermore, for the third year in a row, Sitecore has placed highest on the “Ability to Execute” axis.

Key Features

We’re particularly excited about this because we believe Sitecore is an important platform that helps us deliver next generation customer experiences. We believe the improvements to the Sitecore Commerce platform– particularly the offering of native Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), have significantly contributed to Sitecore’s continued leadership in both Gartner’s and the industry’s eyes.  PaaS with Azure rounds out Sitecore’s offerings in the latest update, which ICF Olson anticipates will lead to more upgrades and hosting.

In addition, Sitecore’s Data Exchange Framework is another key element of differentiation across platforms. 

“Sitecore expertly balances the seamless experience of its own features — as it extends further into marketing and digital commerce roles — with interoperability with third-party software and services. Sitecore's Data Exchange Framework provides a bridge for exchanging content with any external source, and even allows for exchange of data among third-party systems. Also, Sitecore's emerging cloud-versatile microservice architecture is designed to eliminate the need for custom-coded integration.”

For ICF Olson, The Data Exchange Framework means that we can more accurately scope integration for clients.  A consistent scope also means we can devote those saved hours to more detailed project work.

Here’s what else Gartner is saying about Sitecore this year:

“Sitecore enjoys unparalleled WCM market presence, ranging across industry, regional and size segments. It appears on Gartner client shortlists more frequently than any other provider. This is a testament to its marketing execution, its go-to-market strategy and its consistent focus on WCM demands.”

“Sitecore does more than most other providers to ensure customer success. Its Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS) — a set of best practices on processes, methodologies and tactics embedded into the partner ecosystem — guides organizations on how to exploit Sitecore's WCM capability based on their maturity and their level of aspiration.”

Proceed with Caution

Near the end of Gartner’s report is an solemn concern in their Market Overview, something that all organizations should heed and take note of.

“All too often, prospect organizations place the necessary focus on technology, but underprioritize the role of people and processes. They underestimate the importance of these factors in building the success of the solution in which the WCM software plays a central role.  The evolution of the WCM market will be determined in part by vendors that both fuel and support this new world of WCM.”

We could not agree more. Committing to the technical demands of digital transformation is much easier than scoping and planning for the inevitable changes those demands require from an organization’s people and processes.  ICF Olson understands that digital transformation takes place in every faction of an organization.  Our capabilities stretch further than technology; we are committed to long-term strategic support for our clients, based in empathy and focused on immersive customer experience- both internal and external.  Sitecore and ICF Olson are ready for the new world of WCM.

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You can download the full Gartner report from Sitecore