Olson Digital at MidCamp

Our Drupal team represents on the DePaul campus

This year’s MidCamp, a three day Drupal crash course with 45 sessions to choose from, will take place on the DePaul University – Lincoln Park campus in Chicago March 30 through April 2. The Olson Digital team will be out in full force, as four of our team members will be presenting sessions. From theming and site-building to local development and effective communication, there is something for everyone. Check out what the Olson Digital team has in store for MidCamp:

Taxonomy Inside and Outside of Drupal  -  Presented by Rob Huffstedtler

Drupal’s core taxonomy system is substantially more powerful and flexible than those offered by most competing CMSs, yet most site builders only scratch the surface of what it can do. In this presentation, Rob will talk about what a taxonomy is, the use cases that a well thought out taxonomy enables, the reasons that Drupal’s taxonomy system is so good, and the steps you need to take to define your taxonomy before you start trying to put it in Drupal. Learn More

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Handling Difficult Conversations  -  Presented by Chris Weber

The worst part about communicating is when you need to do it the best, we’re often at our worst. Tensions rise, tempers flare and then it’s far too easy to fixate on “winning points” rather than resolving anything effectively. Chris will share what he’s learned about these conversations, how they can be diagnosed, debugged and optimized. Learn More

Drupal Development With PHPStorm and Xdebug  -  Presented by Chris Haynes

Have you ever gazed at your screen wondering why your most recent edit is not showing up on the page? Or encountered the dreaded WSOD? Chris will walk through the steps of setting up Xdebug with PHPStorm to help streamline your local development workflow. Learn More

Talking Twig  -  Presented by Charley Pugmire

Drupal 8’s Twig templating engine gives front-end developers and themers a powerful new tool for manipulating Drupal markup. Charley will discuss some of Twig’s most powerful features, and how you can leverage them to reduce repetition, clean up your markup and simply write less code. Learn More