A Digital Experience Learns New Tricks

Olson Digital helped create road maps to commerce solutions to give i4c an all-bark, no bite wellness management experience for its users

The Challenge

i4C needed to define a technology strategy that would help turn a vision for improving the health of man’s best friend into an engaging and scalable market presence. The initiative required an expertly architected business processes for both customer-facing and back office solutions, a service oriented architecture (SOA) flexible enough to support dynamic requirements for customer applications, business applications, and an Internet of Things (IoT) data stream from the Voyce pet wellness monitors, an ecommerce experience that simplified the purchase or rental of wellness monitors and ongoing pet wellness plans, and SEO optimization and research to engage consumers in an evolving market.

Voyce website
Voyce website
Voyce website
Voyce website

The Solution

ICF Olson collaborated with i4c’s stakeholders to develop a greenfield technology roadmap with project timelines and budgets based on flexible, open source solutions for their customers, sales, marketing, operations, and third parties.

To ensure future state scalability and streamlined integration points, ICF Olson implemented a flexible, service oriented architecture based on Amazon Web Services, Mulesoft ESB, and a web application framework that supports an Internet of Things data transfer as well as the integration of customer, recurring billing, and back office solutions.

ICF Olson implemented processes and algorithms that analyze pet health data streamed from wellness monitors to provide trends, insights, and alerts for the pet parents and veterinarians.

ICF Olson designed and implemented a commerce solution to provide an engaging purchasing experience with flexibility to quickly adjust product models and price points.

Voyce - dog

About Voyce

Voyce is a revolutionary health monitor and wellness management system for dogs. i4c developed Voyce because the organization believes in a world where pet parents don’t have to guess anymore—where thanks to comprehensive approach to pet wellness, people understand their dogs on a deeper level, allowing them to create richer relationships. Voyce Pro allows veterinary professionals to remotely monitor canine patient vital signs and health indicators, remotely manage conditions and treatments, receive a daily summary reports, and be alerted when a change in health is detected.