Enabling evolved analytics, simplified content management, and more.

Updated branding and CMS creates a responsive, appealing website where business users can stay fresh.

The Challenge

Performance Food Group approached Olson Digital to start the process of consolidating all business divisions on one externally-facing platform for their primary web property, while modernizing the look and feel of their primary website. In preparation for public launch, PFG needed a stable infrastructure and fresh redesign that could meet the needs of their unique divisions while keeping up with their ever evolving industry. Their current solution was out of date—with Information Architecture that was hard to navigate—and causing a lack of interest from content contributors.

Performance Food Group needed fresh, tailored, more focused user experience that would encourage talented operating companies to create content while also providing corporate-sponsored content to those operating companies that needed the support.


The Solution

Olson Digital delivered a robust brand strategy complete with modernized responsive site designs backed by a scalable CMS that could support their digital market needs well into the future. High-level requirements and PFG’s desire to track analytics on potential customers indicated Sitecore was the ideal CMS to help PFG meet their business goals. Leveraging responsive design standard, Olson Digital creating a visually appealing website that even a small IT staff could support. Olson Digital worked closely with PFG to determine how to best showcase products and content that were most valuable to their objectives, and provided three targeted device resolutions and built the website so it rendered appropriately on any device while only requiring one codebase.

This implementation has not only enabled evolved analytics tracking and assessment, but simplified and unified content management while providing value through increased efficiency and customer data collection. Moreover, it has provided a stable infrastructure that the internal staff trusts.

Since the initial implementation, we have gone on to update PFG’s internal portal, Braveheart, PFG’s high-end steak brand, PRG’s corporate site, and most recently Vistar, specialty snack, candy, and convenience food provider. PFG has been able to pull it’s varied digital content into one streamlined system for the benefit of its varied business divisions with Sitecore and Olson Digital.

Mapping the Way
A flexible roadmap that prioritizes long term goals while evolving over time to reflect changing needs.

About PFG

Comprised of three subdivisions and numerous proprietary brands, Performance Food Group markets and delivers more than 150,000 food and related products to customers across the United States.