On the 501 Developer

Paul, Pat, and Edward discuss the implications on The Pat & Paul Show

The latest episode of the Pat & Paul Show dives into the controversy surrounding the idea of the '501 Developer', as referenced in its manifesto, discussed at length in the tech community, and inspiring much debate on Hacker News.

With Edward Modecki-Mellett, a technical specialist out of ICF Olson's Columbus office, as a special guest, Pat & Paul dig into the term, what it means, why it's often pejorative, and what makes one such a developer-is it nature or nurture- in Part Three of their Two Part series on Cultivating a Philosophy of Development.  You can watch parts One and Two in living color on the Pat & Paul Show channel.

Hear more about how developers and consultants are, as Edward puts it, "building the brand by building themselves," by listening to the whole episode.