Flexibility and Scalability are the Main Events

Scalable, cloud-hosted solutions bolster uptime and decrease costs while a knowledgeable solutions partner like Olson Digital keeps it all spinning.

Red Frog Events, an event production and services company that pioneered the experiential entertainment industry, produces a variety of large-scale events across the country with attendance ranging from 10,000 t o 90,000 per day. Red Frog began in 2007, and after eight years, international accolades, and prominent events across the country, Red Frog continues to constantly look for new ideas, new events, and new technologies to use- internally as well as externally.


Red Frog’s Hardware-based systems were at their limits for power and space. The organization also needed to improve their scalability for the dynamic nature of event registrations. Hosting an internal team and the cost of a virtual datacenter was unappealing. Additionally, Red Frog needed outside technical assistance to properly manage the cloud infrastructure

Client Quote

“ICF Olson to us, is the face of AWS. They handle all of minutia of the AWS service for Red Frog; they know what we need, where we want to go, and what’s in our best interest. It’s a relationship we don’t even have to think about anymore because ICF Olson knows OUR business so well.”

Eric Davis
IT Director(Red Frog Events)
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Solutions and Technologies

Red Frog chose Amazon Web Services as it’s cloud solutions provider.  AWS offered flexibility in utility consumption and compute scalability that best fit Red Frog’s needs. In addition, AWS also excelled in many areas like security, governance, and integration capabilities that its competitors lacked. ICF Olson, a certified Amazon Web Services Partner, was chosen to manage the AWS account. ICF Olson, local to the Chicago area and minutes from Red Frog’s offices, implemented redundancies to reduce downtime and bolster the site during peak activity. ICF Olson also began proactive site monitoring and learned about Red Frog’s desires for their site enough to fully manage the AWS relationship, anticipating Red Frog’s needs and planning for future upgrades.

Client Quote

“From day one, ICF Olson has been over-producing on expectations. They came in with a list of improvement suggestions, implemented them and we have never looked back. ”

Tom Kita
Lead Software Engineer(Red Frog Events)


ICF Olson Reimplemented Amazon Web Services to better fit the needs of Red Frog, lowered cost of infrastructure management by leveraging the right technology and best practices, improved scalability to better manage high-volume traffic events, and reduced site maintenance efforts. Red Frog has maintained complete uptime, even during its most popular registrations with 5,000+ concurrent sessions


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