Unifying Distributors with an Innovative and Data-driven Platform in AEM

AEM helps bring the sales portal anywhere. Olson Digital created a responsive, personalized site delivering real-time data to business owners on the go.

The Challenge

Amway’s decentralized network of distributors needed a tool that would help them monitor and manage their business to meet their sales goals anywhere, at any time.

Olson Digital partnered with Amway once again to develop a responsive application on Adobe Experience Manager that could provide Amway business owners with personalized, real-time data to drive them toward actionable next steps and meeting their sales goals.

The Solution

We created MyBiz, a responsive web application that acts as a business center to direct sellers to track metrics, manage their organization and build their business. Extensive user research, feedback and analytics were utilized to drive the direction of MyBiz in creating a user-centered experience that is accessible to users from around the globe.

Employing Lean UX and Agile methodologies allowed us to gain insights directly from key subject matter experts, and develop new features based on their feedback every six weeks. Using a tool called “The Voice” we leveraged feedback directly from end users to ensure delivery of impactful, valuable capabilities with every release.

The global multi-lingual business center application for Amway business owners, integrated with Amway’s extensive customer and financial infrastructure, helps business owners manage, monitor and track revenue downstream with a focus on bonus incentives and rewards. The fresh interface, with meaningful use of color and iconography, provides context and structure to complex and extensive data output.

Connected a multi-tiered customer sales force with custom business building and marketing tools.

Won 2015 CIO Award and 2014 Vendor of the Year for Innovation Award from Amway

About Amway

Amway is one of the world's best-known opportunity brands, offering people around the world the chance to own their own business through a Direct Selling, Multi-Level Marketing opportunity.

Olson Digital and Amway have enjoyed a long term technical partnership and since 2013, and have expanded their collaboration from implementation of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Assets and Adobe Apps, to digital strategy, user experience & creative design, and managed services.